What is Dungeons and Dragons

  • • D&D is a role-playing game with specific rules and many sided dice.
  • • One person runs the game, called the Dungeon Master (DM).
  • • The DM guides 3-6 players through a prepared adventure.
  • • Each player has a character e.g an Elf Wizard or a Dwarf Fighter.
  • • Characters have attributes like Strength, stats such as Armor Class and equipment such as a spell book or battle axe.
  • • The rule books specify how spells, skills and combat works.
  • • The players direct their characters actions and decisions while the DM describes what happens to them in the story.
  • • The goal might be just to survive, slay monsters and gain treasure.
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Player Characters

The players just need dice d4 d6 d8 d10 d12 d20 and somewhere to record their character sheet on paper or on a phone or computer.

The players each pick their character class, race and generate their ability scores.

  • • On your character sheet record your Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma.
  • • Add any racial or class bonuses, and calculate hit points.
  • • Pick out your equipment that your class can use.
  • • Calculate your armor class, pick spells and note class skills.

Wizards of the Coast has official character sheets listed here

Dungeon Master (DM)

The DM (or Game Master) reads a premade or writes an adventure for the player characters to experience. Typically they will decide on.

  • Which world will the adventure take place on?
  •   - Wizards of the Coast have an official setting called the Forgotten Realms, here is an interactive Map of Faerun.
  •   - You can create your own of course, just like Matt Mercer did for Exandria.
  •   - There are numerous other settings over the decades such as Greyhawk Map of Flanaess or Dragonlance Map of Krynn.
  • What is the world like?
  •   - High Fantasy where wizards and spells are prevalent such as in Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit.
  •   - Gritty, dark world with few magic items such as Game of Thrones.
  • Where does the adventure take place.
  •   - In a crypt or a dungeon.
  •   - In a city or town.
  •   - Travelling across country, in mountains, or a forest.
  • How to hook the player characters to bring them into the adventure.
  •   - Rumours of treasure.
  •   - Finding a lost friend or relative.
  •   - Hired by a merchant or noble to guard a caravan.

If you have been elected as DM lets prepare your